A Case Study in Website Design for: Sussex Flint & Stonemasons

Client: Sussex Flint & Stonemasons

Today I take a look at a case study in website design. I was recently approached by Sussex Flint & Stonemasons to design a website for them. The remit was to showcase their work, inform the world of their services and create all the textual content. Some of their images were provided in digital format but some required scanning, all needed image processing. They also required hosting services.

Image Processing & Website Design

I started by scanning in all the photos that were provided to me, and then carrying out image processing on each picture. Some of the photos had scratch lines that needed cleaning up and many of the pictures needed their perspective fixing.

After completing the image processing, I began designing the site, on a temporary domain. I tried many themes before settling on one I was happy with. The next step was to tweak the appearance to get the desired overall effect.

After completing the general appearance of the website and setting up blank pages ready to receive content. I started researching Stonemasonry and Flint masonry. Research completed, I started filling out the page content.

The final part of the site design was to set up their photo galleries. After trying a couple of galleries, I settled on one that fitted with their needs.

Completing The Project

Once all design work was completed, I presented the website to Sussex Flint & Stonemasons for their approval. To say they were pleased would be an understatement.

The next day I registered their domain name and started transferring the site from the temporary space to their live web hosting. The final step was to connect the new site to Google Analytics and submit the site to the search engines for indexing.

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