Testimonial by Stone Signs

Our business required an on-line Portal to make the gathering of our Clients requests more efficient as well as uniformed. We contacted and met with Scott regarding our requirements and he was able to fully understand and summarize our business needs. He put together a very comprehensive spec prior to any engagement agreement to help clarify both party’s understanding and expectations.

Scott worked quickly and efficiently to deliver the solution ready for testing phase. He worked closely with us to resolve any discrepancies and iron out any bugs before we went live.

Working with Scott has been an absolute pleasure. This is owing to his excellent knowledge and understanding of his area of expertise; his professionalism; his approachability; and his delivery of an outstanding on-line solution that has revolutionized our business.

His response times are quick and timely, his work accurate and professional. Scott continues to support us where necessary. I will be calling on Scott again the next time I need a Web solution. Highly recommend!

Hannah at Stone Signs